Inbox Dollars Review

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Inbox DollarsInbox Dollars is one of the most well known online survey sites today.

Getting featured in the popular book “Get Rich Click” helped with that.

Like every get paid to website you are going to find people who think it is a scam and others who say it is not a scam. Where do I fall on this question?

I am going to do an InBox Dollars reveiw that will easily show why this is a legitimate website providing real surveys, offers, contests, rewards, and other ways to make money.

InBox Dollars: Start Here

The best way to determine if a site is a scam of not is to join the program and see if you make any money. Inbox Dollars has a $5 sign up bonus to get you making money right away.

You must be 18 years old to join. You can join for free and be done signing up in less then 15 minutes, maybe faster. Complete your profile and you have earned $5.

Be honest when you complete your profile. Your answers will help Inbox Dollars find surveys you may qualify to take.

That is legit in my book. I suggest you also watch a few of the training tutorials.

These are going to show you how to use the Inbox Dollars system to make money. I have found most people who claim a program is a scam never do this, or they would make money too!

I Joined – Now What

Go the the surveys button and click on it. Look for the notification dashboard.

This is where you find surveys to take. You will see them listed as well as how long it is estimated to complete each one.

You will find surveys that pay .50 cents for a 10 minute survey, but you may also find some that pay $1, $3, $5 etc. I want to be fair here.

One of the reasons some people claim sites like Inbox Dollars are really a scam is how much money you make. Let’s be real here.

If you take a survey that pays .50 cents and takes you 10 minutes to complete you are not going to get rich. When you factor in finding the surveys you qualify taking paid surveys online does not even pay a very good hourly wage.

However, consider this. Even at $4 an hour you can rack up $200-$300 a month in extra income if you stick with it. That is $2k-$3k a year, part time, from, home., working whenever you want.

That is real money and it is legitimate!

Getting Paid

So what are the rules when it comes to getting paid from InBox Dollars? You can read all of the requirements here:


Let me say that you must earn $30 before you can request payment. For some people they will never get to that point, but stick with it and take enough surveys to earn your money.

With the $5 sign up bonus you are off to a good start!

Inbox Dollars: Pros & Cons

There is alot to see and do at Inbox Dollars. You can take paid surveys, complete offers, surf the web, watch t.v., read email, and more. This is a very complete program offering you a lot of ways to make money and save money.

I see the pros and cons of Inbox Dollars this way,


– Paid and free offers
– Bonuses for completing certain tasks
– Payouts in cash
– Loyalty program
– Sweepstakes
– Groupon partnership


– Processing fee on cashing out
– Higher payout minimum
– Limited number of good ways to make money

Have you ever heard of the Ben Franklin close? This is where you take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.

List the positives on one side of the line and the negatives of the other side of the line. You can do this to make a more complete pros and cons list, but I think you will find Inbox Dollars offers a lot more then the negatives add up to.

Summary: Inbox Dollars Review

I have found when it comes to get paid to programs you need to join several to really maximize your efforts. Relying on only one, such as Inbox Dollars may leave you disappointed when it is time to cash out.

Inbox Dollars is as good as any get paid to program online. They have paid out over $50 Million Dollars to their members, so they are not a scam program.

Being a member of 5-10 get paid to sites give you options everyday. You will keep busier making money and spend less time trying to find surveys, offers, etc. to complete.

You can join Inbox Dollars for free here: https://www.inboxdollars.com/members/signup

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