Is Transamerica Legit? Let’s Find Out

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Is Transamerica Legit

Is Transamerica legit or not?

It is so hard to differentiate between real and fake nowadays.

In a world that thrives on dishonesty, without thought of the consequences, you can be set up for failure without a real chance to succeed.

About Transamerica And Their Business Model

Transamerica is an insurance company that provides a real chance for any interested party to make money with it. Its main business model is joining a team and being able to earn commissions through the number of recruits and the sales numbers you produce.

Transamerica is built on a multi-level marketing system with a couple of regulations to be followed. The basis of recruitment is somewhat similar to other multi-level marketing organizations.

These include home presentations, as well as Internet marketing where your focus is wealth. To start promoting the business a recruit will then have to pay $100, and this is to be used as the processing fee, plus an extra of $300 for recruitment purposes.

Money flows up the chain like a classic multi-level system, with the recruits recruiting new recruits, and just like that the cycle goes up. The main idea in this is to be able to focus on recruiting other members since this is the only profitable way you can make money with the company.

The issues that present itself with Transamerica is that the training itself only consists of the testimonials and further motivational speeches from the people at the top of the chain. Another problem also comes where you have to purchase tickets to conferences.

This is to ensure you recruit high profile people, which will undoubtedly be at a loss to you given the money is from your pocket. Seminars and rallies are not unique to Transamerica and have long been a part of network marketing.

It is also evident that most people leave the company after few weeks. This is after they have run out of money. What this means for you as a member is losing recruits.

The problem with this is that it is mainly based on selling insurance and the people who join it are not experienced with matters relating to insurance. So, it is hard to hire a financial adviser who has no prior experience to invest your money to.

Pros Of This Industry

I’ve talk alittle about the downside of MLM in general. However to be fair, I think there are real pros in a marketplace like Transamerica is in. For example….

1. Large Industry. There is over $63 Trillion in the financial services industry. This is what I would call a big opportunity.

2. Combines money and people. There are people always looking for ways to make money. This is called demographic inevitability.

3. Baby boomers are ripe for a business like this. They are thinking about retiring and supplemental income.

4. Financial responsibility shifts. In the past people worked at one company and retired on a pensions along with social security. Today people know they need to look after their own retirement and are looking for financial education.

5. Money management strategies. This is where Transamerica can be of help. Learning how to manage your money and presenting that as a business is a powerful 1-2 punch.

6. You help families make choices. This is your customer base. You can feel good about what you do with a financial needs analysis and beyond.

7. A need for what you do. There is a real need for more financial advisers. You will never run out of customers.

8. Be a client or be an agent. You can get involved with Transamerica 2 ways.

Summary: Is Transamerica Legit? Let’s Find Out

In conclusion, Transamerica holds some detailed and decent products and services to it. In my view the included MLM program is what needs some work.

If you have proper experience in this type of industry it may better for you to invest your money in a different business. I don’t feel getting involved with a company as a business opportunity is the best way to save for retirement.

You spend more time chasing recruits and selling them on the business then you do worrying about yours and their money. Ultimately in MLM the aver number of distributors being personally sponsored is two.

You are always recruitiing and never really making long term money. That is not a sustainable business model.

Just because your product is financial retirement and investing does not overcome the shortfalls network marketing bring to the table.

This is not a biased on my part, but the realities of MLM. You cna find plenty of ways to safely invest your money and then look at better business models such as affiliate marketing.

With Transamerica, although it has pretty good services, making money off it will take a lot of time, and the funds needed for the initial investment are also very high.

Here’s A Legitimate Way To Make Money

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  1. I myself was part of Transamerica a couple years back and recalled paying the $100, but not the $300. I can tell you that the products they offer are usually better than a 401k as far as having downside protection is concerned. In fact, you can’t lose money when the markets go bad. With that being said, I didn’t like being in the industry a lot nor the way the people were treated if they didn’t make sales on life insurance policies or mutual funds. In the end I did another business opportunity online.

    • Hey Jessie,

      Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your input about transamerica. In reviewing the company , this was the prices I cam across with.Likely things have changed since you left. I agree that customer service plays a number one role in the growth of any business .

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